Perfect Pancakes by Cake Diem

Perfect Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day everyone! Growing up, Easter was never really a big thing in my house- I’ve only every received two Easter eggs in my life (cue violin music). But now I have the pleasure of cooking for myself I can make Easter related things to my heart’s content. First thing to tackle: Shrove Tuesday.…

Homemade Oreos by CakeDiem

Home made Oreo Cookies

“Today me will live in the moment, unless it’s unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie” Cookie Monster Wise words indeed. I love how a simple little thing made with love, like a cookie still warm from the oven, can cheer you up instantly. It’s one of the reasons I love to bake.…

Doing the Color Run 2013

Hello again!

Wow, I’ve not been here for a while. I’m so sorry but I had such a hectic Summer I didn’t have any time to bake. (Shock. Horror!) But in the couple of weeks I’ve been back at university, I’ve already baked two chocolate cakes, a banoffee pie and some banana bread. Impressive seeing as I’m…

Red velvet Cake by Cake Diem

Red Velvet Cake

Hi everyone! I’ve returned from the pseudo-reality that is the exam season and I’m raring and willing to bake again for you lovely people. In fact, within two hours of finishing my last exam, a couple of my course friends and I baked this beautiful red velvet cake.

Brightening photos? How Dull

It has been bugging me for quite a while how dull my photographs look once I had uploaded them to this blog. I spend hours and hours on Photoshop making each and every shot mouth-watering good. Yet once I view it online, the photos look drained and dull. I mean, I’m not expert photographer but…