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Melted Snowman Cupcakes

Snowman Cupcakes by Cake Diem

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So it’s Christmas time. That means it’s the season of festivities, good-will, perpetual hope and of course over indulgence. The latter being, for me personally, the definitive characteristic. However, with the Christmas break also comes mountains of revision for upcoming January exams. T’is the season to be stressed…

Between eating mass amounts of food and doing mass amounts of revision, I’ve managed to make a few treats of my own, such as these melting snowman cupcakes! Though I did skive a lecture to make these so maybe I’m not so productive after all…Unfortunately, I do not know who to credit for this idea as I’ve seen so many versions on-line but whoever it was, is a genius.

Decapitated snowman heads
We decapitate the head of our enemies.

Method  Click for a printer friendly PDF of this recipe

You will need:

  • A batch of cupcakes
  • A batch of white glacé icing
  • Small amount of white fondant icing
  • Food colouring (Black and orange)
  • Sweets and chocolate to decorate
  1. To your glacé icing, add more water gradually until the consistency is runny enough to give your snowman that melted look.
  2. Top your cupcakes with this runny icing.
  3. Roll fondant icing into balls to make the head. Add orange food colouring to a small batch of your rolled fondant, make tiny cones and stick them to the heads. Ta-daa, we now have noses. Two dots of black icing makes your eyes and hey presto, you have decapitated snowman heads.
  4. Affix these heads to your cupcakes.
  5. Top the heads off with a Smartie hat (though I’ve seen Reese’s cups work just as well.) Be imaginative. Go wild. I would love to see your versions. Be sure to comment with a link to your blog and please link me in yours!
My finished snowman cupcakes

4 thoughts on “Melted Snowman Cupcakes”

    1. They really are very easy to do. I hope you make some for next Christmas 🙂 And there really is no limit to how you can decorate them- I just kept mine really simple with a smartie hat. Maybe next year I’ll give them all different hats and scarves.

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