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Brownie Hearts (Plus Brownie Truffles!)

Brownie Hearts and Truffles by Cake Diem

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So a while ago I mentioned I had an insane brownie baking day, and I’ve finally gotten around to a follow-up post. I literally spent 4 hours in the kitchen only armed with some heart cookie cutters and a piping bag. It was the best of fun though it was exhausting work. And it’s all Martha Stewart’s fault.

Brownie Hearts and Brownie Bites Recipe -- After you cut out the hearts, roll the brownie leftovers into bite-size morsels. Once coated with cocoa or sugar, they resemble truffles. You'll get about 44 bites.
The pin that inspired me.

Are you guys on Pinterest? I love it despite it simultaneously ruining my life. You are fed page after page of beautiful photo after beautiful photo and you collect all the ones you love like some quirky magpie. It’s wonderful but I need to spend less time pinning and more time doing. Anyway, it was the above pin from Martha Stewart that started this crazy brownie day.

Brownie Hearts and Truffles by Cake Diem

The idea is simple yet effective. You take the delicious, simple brownie and with a few clever touches, you turn them into little parcels of love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day– in one bake, you have dessert sorted and truffles for later (over a glass of wine, hopefully…)


You will need:

  • Tray of brownies, uncut
  • Cookie cutters, any shape
  • Batch butter icing
  • Food colouring
  • Melted chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa powder, coconut etc. to coat truffles
  1. Bake your brownies.
  2. Just before your brownies are done, make up a batch of butter icing (I found pink an apt icing colour.)
  3. Once your brownies are cooked, allow your brownies to cool for 5 minutes then using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, make as many brownie hearts as you desire!
  4. To make the ‘truffles’, roll small balls out of the left over brownie bits. I found it helpful to squeeze the mixture quite forcefully to create a smooth texture.
  5. Dip your balls into melted chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder… whatever you want really! I am very tempted to roll some in desiccated coconut. Yummy. The ones in my photos have just been rolled in melted chocolate and then decorated with royal icing.
  6. By this time, your brownie heart would have cooled completely and will be ready for the butter icing. (I made the amateur mistake of not waiting long enough for them to cool and my icing ran a bit. Unfortunate.)
  7. That’s it – brownie galore! I recommend the classic addition of ice cream before serving.

Brownie Hearts and Truffles by Cake Diem

What do you think? I would love to hear from you!

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