Brightening photos? How Dull

It has been bugging me for quite a while how dull my photographs look once I had uploaded them to this blog. I spend hours and hours on Photoshop making each and every shot mouth-watering good. Yet once I view it online, the photos look drained and dull. I mean, I’m not expert photographer but when I take a really good photo and I can’t show it off to my readers- it just takes the biscuit!

Turns out I’ve made a rookie error and been letting wordpress so all my resizing for me. Oh dear! Well I guess I know now. I’ve got a busy few days ahead of me resizing all my photos. Good thing this is a relatively new blog- or it would have taken months!!!

Why images change colours when uploaded to WordPress | Julian the Thinker.
Why images change colours when uploaded to WordPress | Julian the Thinker.

I found Julian’s article (above) really interesting for my problem. It has more tips and tricks than the resizing issue so if your photography isn’t being done justice, I suggest you give it a read. It’s aimed directly at wordpress users as well.

Do you know any good tips to improve how photos are displayed? Comment below!

P.S Have you noticed the new blog background? I think it’s cute though I’m not sure if it’s too busy. Cake Diem is having a serious design overhaul- resizing my photos is just one step. Good thing I’m not busy with exams or anything… Oh wait, I am 😛

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