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Gemma and her Football Shirt Cake

Football Shirt Cake by Cake Diem

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You may not know this but I’m not the only baker in my household. My fantastic house mate Gemma makes the best butter cream icing in the world! And because its her favourite type of icing, there is always a constant supply of cupcakes. It’s great living with bakers. Anyway for her boyfriend’s birthday she outdid herself with this amazing football shirt cake. (No prizes for guessing what team he supports.)

This cake is perfect for any football lover as decorations can be easily adapted for different football strips. What makes this cake a bit different to other football themed cakes you might have seen is the fact it is topped with butter cream icing rather than the more usual royal icing. While it may not look as smooth, it makes the cake more moist and in my opinion I think it gives the cake a certain home baked charm to it.

Football Shirt Cake by Cake Diem
It was quite a project!

Unfortunately, as I was not responsible for this creation I do not have extensive instructions. However, as I helped Gem with conversion tables and measurements I have a good enough idea for a basic guide. Hopefully the photos I took will give a good enough idea. You may notice that the cake is on a unusual surface. Well, the cake ended up being so large, no piece of crockery in a household of 7 people could hold it so we had to improvise. It was carried around of the lid of a plastic storage box!


You will need:

  • A rectangular cake of any flavour (Gem used a  9″ x 13″ or 24cm x 34cm tin- it was a HUGE cake! Of course you could make a smaller one if you wish)
  • Butter cream icing (The amount will depend on how large your cake is. This cake used around 400g)
  • Food colouring
  • Football badge cake topper (Available many places online e.g. Ebay)
  • Rolled fondant of your chosen colours (This is easily bought in the shops but you could try making it yourself)
  • A photo of your desired strip for reference
Football Shirt Cake by Cake Diem
Constructing the outline
  1. Cut roughly a quarter off the bottom of the cake (when the cake is in portrait).
  2. Use this cutting to form two sleeves and use butter cream or jam to attach them to the side of the cake.
  3. Cover the whole cake with butter cream icing. I feel a spatula is the most appropriate tool for this.
  4. Using the rolled fondant icing, make the various shapes required for your football strip. The colour was one long sausage shape arranged in a rough triangle. For the more delicate features, you may want to use a craft knife (Gem used tools from my pumpkin carving kit!)

    Football Shirt Cake by Cake Diem
    Get ready for the fiddly bit!
  5. Arrange your fondant icing on the cake. The butter cream icing will provide ample stick.
  6. Add your football badge cake topper and you’re done 🙂

Football Shirt Cake by Cake Diem

Gem and Me
Gem, you’re awesome.

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