Doing the Color Run 2013

Hello again!

Wow, I’ve not been here for a while. I’m so sorry but I had such a hectic Summer I didn’t have any time to bake. (Shock. Horror!) But in the couple of weeks I’ve been back at university, I’ve already baked two chocolate cakes, a banoffee pie and some banana bread. Impressive seeing as I’m…

Brightening photos? How Dull

It has been bugging me for quite a while how dull my photographs look once I had uploaded them to this blog. I spend hours and hours on Photoshop making each and every shot mouth-watering good. Yet once I view it online, the photos look drained and dull. I mean, I’m not expert photographer but…

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If the answer is no, I don’t blame you seeing as I’m just setting up an account now. When I ask again in a month’s time I’m expecting everyone with an account to say yes!

Poorly Teddy

Poorly Me Means No Cakes For You

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but I have a good excuse. I’ve been very poorly with a viral infection (in other words, I got the sniffles). Despite it being March, there has still been snow (good old Blighty), so I’ve been very under the weather. First I was too weak to stand and bake, and…