I always love hearing from my blog readers. It honours me that people take their time to read my posts, never mind want to  talk about it afterwards! If you wish to contact me, I will always reply to comments left anywhere on this blog. You can also post to the Facebook page, tweet me or contact me in the form below. I’m pretty flexible like that.

Want to request an article?

Is there a recipe you want me to post? A baking technique you would like to be taught? If you would like to suggest an idea for a blog post or page, then I would love to hear it! You can either comment on a relevant blog post, or in the comment form below with the subject ‘Article Request’.

Want to write an article for Cake Diem?

I am very interested in guests posting their articles on my blog. Variety is the spice of life. All guest posts will have have to opportunity to include a link back to their blog as well as space to write themselves a quirky/humorous/bog-standard short biography explaining their blog and showing the reader an insight to themselves (like the ones in this blog’s footer.) If you want to write for my blog, pitch me your article idea(s) and a writing sample in the comment box below (subject: Guest Post Request) and if I like it, I’ll add you as a contributor (remember to include your WordPress username in the message. If you don’t have a WordPress account you will be sent instructions for how to make one). You’ll then to be free to write the entire article for my approval. If you have any particular conditions you want met before you guest post, just explain them in the email too.

Please note:

  • Don’t feel like your post has to be about baking! Write what you love and if I like it I will post it. It will just live in the ‘Posts from Outside the Kitchen’ area.
  • Your article has to be entirely your own work. I don’t want any copyright breaches!Do not guest post if you are averse to constructive criticism. I will only publish your article if I think it is absolutely perfect. My reader’s have high standards and I am to please!
  • If you would like to collaborate for an article, I am happy to help. You will still get full credit for the post because I’m nice like that 🙂

Want to submit your work to be shown on Cake Diem?

This is for people who want their work featured on the blog but don’t want to have to write an article to go with it! If you have followed any article on my blog, I would love to see you work. Perhaps you have improved my original recipe/design. Maybe you thought my way was rubbish and have come up with an even more awesome creation! Either post your photos on the Facebook page, where they will be placed in a special gallery, or you can comment with your blog link in the relevant article. I really would appreciate seeing your bakes 🙂

Want permission to republish my content?

You do not need my written consent to republish my work on this blog, providing it follows the terms of Copyright and my republishing guidelines. If you are planning to republish the majority of the content of any blog post, step-by-step photos or recipes, you will need to contact me either via email or in the  comment form below with the subject ‘Permission Request’. Just explain the nature of what you wish to do with my work and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a baking question?

As I’ve already stated, I am no expert. However, it is good to learn from other people’s mistakes. And I will have probably have made the mistake many times over! Ask your question in any comment box on this blog, I’ll be sure to get back to you. If you can’t find a page relevant to your question you can fill out the comment form below with the subject ‘Question.’

Have a suggestion to improve the blog/ want to provide feedback?

That’s great! Just fill out the form below (subject: Feedback and Suggestions). I always aim to make this blog as user-friendly as possible. If the suggestion is relevant to a particular article on this blog, feel free to comment on that page.

Just want a chat?

I welcome chats and love interacting with new people. Don’t be shy! You can get in touch with me in several ways: post on my Facebook page, tweet me or type out your message below (subject:other). Your preference. I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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